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An Exceptional LPN Program in Staunton, VA

Western State Hospital wants to help our professionals further their careers in nursing. We’ve partnered with Valley Career and Technical Center (VCTC) to help our employees reach their healthcare goals. Any employee at Western State Hospital who has been employed a minimum of a year and is in good standing is eligible to apply for our LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program in Staunton, VA. This program will help you learn how to perform the daily duties of an LPN. We also provide educational assistance for entry testing and tuition costs, as well as paid educational leave. If you want to learn more about joining the program, contact us today.

three hospital staff members smiling

LPN Job Duties and Qualifications

Many healthcare professionals choose to become an LPN because they can get started in the nursing field and begin treating patients in as little as a year. The primary duties of an LPN include:

  • Records patient’s history to plan and maintain
  • Obtains patient vital signs
  • Provides immunizations
  • Administers medications as prescribed by the physician
  • Reviews medical charts
  • Assists physicians and other healthcare team members
  • Communicates with patients and their families
  • Performs standard diagnostic procedures
  • Provides wound care

LPNs are required to complete a certificate training or diploma program to get their license. They must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).

Join Our LPN Program for a Rewarding Career Choice

A licensed practical nurse is often the backbone for others in the healthcare profession. They work hard to provide direct patient care and assist other healthcare professionals. LPNs often get to know patients on a deeper level, as they spend more time than others caring for them. They form strong bonds with patients and their families. Many professionals choose to become an LPN because they can enter the healthcare workforce as soon as they pass their NCLEX. LPNs can often choose to become certified in specified areas of practice. We welcome LPNs into our healthcare professional team as they further their professional nursing careers.

Call Us Today to Join Our Nursing Team!